When people think of rebranding, it’s often largely the visual side that most comes to mind: a new logo, new colors, perhaps a new image strategy. While all these can help signal a change to the marketplace, the verbal side of branding is often overlooked.

Verbal branding is more than voice or tone or a consistent editorial style, however important those are. Verbal branding flows directly from an organization’s brand positioning. For verbal branding to be successful, an organization must gain a detailed understanding of:

  • What it is the organization is offering. Surprisingly often, companies do not really know what it is they ‘sell’. Particularly for technology companies, products are described in terms of features and specifications. Really looking at the product and thinking about it in non-engineering terms is the first step in crafting clear and effective messaging.
  • Why this matters to the end customer. Speaking in terms of benefits rather than features is a commonplace marketing adage, but is easier understood than developed. To clearly articulate product features in terms of audience benefits requires an editorial process that incorporates marketing, sales, product, and company leadership. It’s not just an afterthought when putting together a brochure.

Lastly, all of this should come together in a documented form so everyone is on the same page. Guidelines, editorial trainings, and regular use of the messaging system should help ensure the brand voice is not only consistent but actually meaningful and attractive to end customers.

Stay tuned for more to come on this topic!

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