You may have noticed some very different new fountain dispensers popping up in restaurants and shopping malls. From Coca-Cola and MetaDesign, the new interface lets you choose from a pretty amazing variety of beverages and flavors and actually are delivered by a completely new dispensing technology.

MetaDesign developed the user interface for the dispenser, called “Freestyle”. The interface was the culmination of a long research process at Coca-Cola on how people chose beverages and how they combined them, from mixing diet and regular to choosing cherry, lemon, and other flavors.

Behind the scenes, we tested the interface in ‘rapid-fire’ format on over twenty customers in one day, who interacted with the screens and gave us their thoughts. These quick user feedback sprints made us come a long way in a short time, and we hope the end result is something everyone enjoys (or maybe even better, doesn’t even think twice about…).


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