The Associated Press reports today that Virgin America was the best-performing airline in its 2012 survey. The survey included both hard factors (did we leave on time, did my luggage show up) as well as soft factors (do you care whether I missed my connection?). All the more of an accolade given that Virgin America was first known for its unexpected glitches in its novel use of technology in the cabin.

And who came in dead last?

No surprise if you regularly fly into or out of SFO: it’s United. The airline has been struggling since its integration with Continental to maintain schedules and keep its customer base happy. As we discussed in an earlier post, United may well be a case study on the impact of not considering branding until after the merger. An unclear identity, integration woes, and unhappy staff: perhaps the awkward blend of the United name (sans the famous Saul Bass ‘tulip’) with the Continental type and logo proved in fact to be a harbinger of the brand integration challenges the airline is still coping with:


Read more at metadesign.com

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