half glass full

We all know the importance of effective communication. If you’re off with even the smallest detail, a sentence can mean something entirely different.

Let’s eat Grandpa!
Let’s eat, Grandpa!

True communication goes beyond the world of grammar. When it comes to brands, everything you express – or don’t express – creates a perception of your organization. As a client services manager, I work with our clients and internal team on the steps to create and communicate great brands.

Brand messaging should paint a clear picture of who you are, what you do and why it matters. Too many messages competing with each other may make the organization seem scattered or unfocused.

Think about describing a personality of someone you know. It’s not just what they say or how they say it, it also includes how they dress, what their style is and their mannerisms that communicate who they are. The same is true with a brand.

The visual elements, including colors, typography, photography style, and a host of other details also tell a story. Capital letters and a serif type may represent a more serious and professional company.

New York Times logoBrighter hues and a more rounded sans serif can seem more approachable and friendly.

Ebay logo

A strong, consistent visual system is recognizable and builds equity in the minds of your audiences. Just like too many messages, an inconsistent or poorly considered visual design also says something about your company.

Great brands see the value in developing a succinct and purposeful brand platform. Building from the brand core, both visual and verbal elements should work together to tell a unique story that is meaningful to your audiences.

What are some brands you can think of who communicate their personality well?

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