MetaDesign Magic Drums

In a second, a strategic and well-crafted brand can evoke a visceral experience and motivate action.

Even by 10 years old, I somehow understood the power of a brand. Whether it was eating Kellogg’s Fruit Loops, swinging a Louisville Slugger or flying on Eastern Airlines (yes, I’m dating myself) I always felt a connection with brands that evoked a sense of magic.

It was love at first sight seeing the Ludwig logo prominently displayed on Ringo Starr’s bass drumhead, just above The Beatles. Ludwig represented the ultimate in cool, the sturdiest kit on the market and supplied the fantasy that I could actually be Ringo.

I begged my parents to get me those drums – and after acquiescing to my pleas, we eventually headed to the local Sears department store where they bought me my first set of Ludwig Apollo drums. Apollo? I begrudgingly accepted their generous gift, but there was no magic in Apollo. The brand simply didn’t hold the same promise of fame and fortune as Ludwig.

Fast-forward 30 years, and although my tastes have changed, my loyalty and respect for brands that are personal, aspirational and evoke a sense of magic have continued to dominate how I spend my discretionary income.

And my dream of owning my magical dream kit has never wavered. Having joined a newly formed local cover band Chilifingah, my sights were set on securing an elusive Sonor rock kit, which had now replaced Ludwig as my kit of choice. The journey continues as my 6-year-old son Soren is now following in his Dad’s footsteps.

Of course brands need to strategy and design – but to me, the magic is the most important part.

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