Change Your Values, Change Your Brand

By Molly Davis Lind

Few people understand the importance of values, yet values are the underlying fabric of personal and professional success. Whether they have been consciously selected or not, all people – and all brands – have values upon which the future course of success will be determined.

Change your values. Change your brand. It’s really that simple.

The first obstacle is to identify your brand’s current values, and examine if those values enable or inhibit the strategic vision of success.

What values do you need to have in order to create the most successful brand? In terms of personal development, the question can be reframed: What do I need to value in order to live my best life? Use the list below for inspiration and prioritize the top five.

For example, a small startup that approaches this exercise might currently value agility, fun and creativity. But upon further reflection, may need to prioritize the values of growth and achievement in order to reach their strategic goals. As such, business practices will shift in order to meet these values.

Brands that embody values are purposeful, successful and driven. Defining and living your brand values provides clarity and focus. Personally and professionally, understanding what you stand for, and why those values matter, will not only change behaviors, it’ll change business.

Use the below list for inspiration, or create your own.

values list

Molly Davis Lind is a Senior Communication Strategist at MetaDesign. 

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