How to Create a Masterful Brand Essence

By Molly Davis Lind

A brand essence (or brand core) is the heart of a brand. It’s the guidepost from which everything springs. It’s the start of the story a brand will use internally to position itself uniquely from competitors. In short: it’s important.

Tips from a Project Manager on Managing International Clients

By Joanna Lee

As we welcome daylight savings on Saturday, project managers like me need to be extra careful managing calendars and appointments with international clients. Here are a few project management tips I’ve learned along the way that can help you manage international clients.

6 Tips on Futures Thinking and Strategic Foresight

By Molly Davis Lind

How do you strategize, innovate and plan in a rapidly changing world? The field of strategic foresight has emerged over the last fifty years to cope with this pressing question. Once the purview of elite decision-makers, this field is being “democratized” and opening up to more people than ever.