Rebranding the New York Philharmonic

By Hozy Rossi

MetaDesign San Francisco recently created a new visual identity for the New York Philharmonic. Lindsay Gravette, the creative director who oversaw the project in San Francisco, shares the story behind the making of the identity in a Q&A with Hozy Rossi, who also worked on the project but feigns ignorance for the sake of this post.

Stepping into the World of Branding

By Jennifer Przywara

Like many graduating students, I faced a challenging decision when I finished my studies: What do I want to do with my life? And what’s the environment I want to work in? I kind of knew back then that my first workplace would turn out to be an agency. But how to choose the type of agency that’s right for me, where I can develop my skills and follow my passion for brands?

Six Tips for Aspiring Brand-Strategy Interns

By Vincent Kyas

Applying for an internship can be a stressful thing. First-timers especially find it difficult to determine what a potential employer might be looking for in a résumé. This uncertainty can lead to applicants leaving out bits of information about themselves that might be highly interesting to the people doing the hiring.

We-dentity and Brand Relationships

By Matthias Höckh

Defining specific target groups is probably one of the most common practices within branding and marketing at large. For those groups, we pretend that their members act in the same way, all the time, at any place. Of course, this view makes life easier as it reduces complexity. However, I personally have always found it difficult to recognize real people with their manifold facets in those descriptions. From my perspective, the resulting relationships with the brand are often as artificial as those people.