The Relevance of Branding in CRM

By Jennifer Przywara

Last week a peer of mine who works at a CRM (customer relationship management) consulting company gave me some valuable insights into his field of expertise. From Big Data to the importance of relevant content, he covered several big CRM topics. But there was one aspect he never mentioned: the relevance of branding. This led me to wonder, What do branding and CRM programs actually have in common? And why would you need one for another? I developed three theses.

A Framework for Brand Partnerships

By Matthias Höckh

In the last several months, we’ve seen interesting constellations appear, oftentimes when well-established companies from the software world begin working with more hardware-oriented businesses and consolidating their expertise.

Leveraging Data, and Judging Singers

By Cornelius Hummel

As a strategist, I am driven by the urge to understand things. This means not just glancing at an issue superficially but exploring all its facets in depth and examining them from different perspectives. Metaphorically speaking, approaching a new topic is like jumping into water: First you touch the surface, then you dive deeper. While touching the surface, there are various assumptions floating around. These are usually based on existing experience and knowledge — sometimes true, sometimes not. Therefore, testing these assumptions is crucial to gaining a deeper understanding.

How to Design Beyond Design

By Andreas Bannwart 

How would a dedicated designer give a speech at the TYPO Berlin 2016 conference on the theme “Beyond Design”? Isn’t that like sawing off one’s own arm? Especially since today’s ABCs of successful branding stand for algorithms, big data, and content. For the D (design), only little room seems to be left. According to Hermann Hesse, though, in every ending there’s a beginning. Here are seven paradigmatic shifts and opportunities for design in the future — or preferably, design today.

Earning Back Our Trust

By Amandine Rodrigues

One of the first steps you take when moving to a new country is opening a bank account, a chore I recently faced. It didn’t go as smoothly as I’d imagined, and my professional self had something to say about it, being both a “modern consumer” and a “brand strategist.”