How to Create a Masterful Brand Essence

By Molly Davis Lind

A brand essence (or brand core) is the heart of a brand. It’s the guidepost from which everything springs. It’s the start of the story a brand will use internally to position itself uniquely from competitors. In short: it’s important.

6 Tips on Futures Thinking and Strategic Foresight

By Molly Davis Lind

How do you strategize, innovate and plan in a rapidly changing world? The field of strategic foresight has emerged over the last fifty years to cope with this pressing question. Once the purview of elite decision-makers, this field is being “democratized” and opening up to more people than ever.

The Beauty of Aesop: A Story of Unbranding

Dr. Alexander Haldemann

When you work, breathe and live brands like I do, it’s rare to find one that touches you on a personal level. Enter Aesop: alchemists of luxurious products for the skin, hair and body.

Change Your Values, Change Your Brand

By Molly Davis Lind

Few people understand the importance of values, yet values are the underlying fabric of personal and professional success. Whether they have been consciously selected or not, all people – and all brands – have values upon which the future course of success will be determined.


storytelling naming

Great names are more than arbitrary creations. They tell a story, are easy to remember and most of all, have strategic impact. At MetaDesign, I help create names for all sorts of companies, products and services. Over the years, we’ve honed our naming strategy and are happy to share a few tips we’ve gathered along the way.

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