Your Design Sprint is Actually a Relay Race

By Jack Mitchell

“We work in Design Sprints.” We’ve all heard it, some of us have said it, for others, it’s on the horizon. The ‘made famous by Google Ventures,’ originally product-oriented working method has made waves across a number of industries as people everywhere refine and repurpose it to meet their needs in product, strategy, and even company culture. Unfortunately, it now also belongs to the most vilified cohort of words in the English language and, increasingly, many others: the buzzwords.

The Human in the Center

An Interview with Diana Brix

What constitutes a good consultant-client relationship? And how to react in times of a crisis? Diana Brix, client partner at MetaDesign Berlin, discusses these and other topics in a conversation with Linus Lütcke.

The Challenge to Design Business

By Arne Brekenfeld

If you talk about design in Germany, you’ll find a very one-dimensional way of seeing things. To put it crudely, the general perception is still that design is about “making things look nice“ or “polishing the surface.“ Using design to impact innovation and transformation processes, as well as brand development, is not yet widely recognized. Even though the quality of German design is exceptionally high and there’s a strong design tradition dating back to the Bauhaus school almost a century ago, Germans often underestimate the potential of design.

Coopetition: The Power of Many

By Arne Brekenfeld

Never before have markets experienced changes as quick or disruptive as they are today. Fast-paced technological progress, growing environmental and social awareness, and the megatrends of globalization and digitalization present extreme challenges for companies. At the same time, the growing transparency in markets allows people to compare products and services more easily than ever before, thereby totally changing consumers’ research and buying behavior.

Breaking Down the Walls

By Andy Giles

For decades, the way agencies like MetaDesign worked with their clients remained the same: The client defined what they needed and their deadline, and the agency structured a sequential engagement based on work phases over a number of months. During the course of the project, the agency would meet with the client periodically to conduct workshops and present work. Otherwise the two sides would work separately, within their own walls, communicating by email or phone when necessary.

Minimum Viable Branding

By Jonas Husemann

Is there a reason a young startup would want to invest in branding even if it hasn’t launched a finished product yet? Yes, there is. Startups still iterating their product offering and value proposition benefit from early branding processes because these help build business and identity to attract potential partners and investors. Classic long-form branding approaches are ideal, but they’re also time-consuming and can be expensive. Considering the special challenges startups face, they need a lean framework that saves time and money.

How to Design Beyond Design

By Andreas Bannwart 

How would a dedicated designer give a speech at the TYPO Berlin 2016 conference on the theme “Beyond Design”? Isn’t that like sawing off one’s own arm? Especially since today’s ABCs of successful branding stand for algorithms, big data, and content. For the D (design), only little room seems to be left. According to Hermann Hesse, though, in every ending there’s a beginning. Here are seven paradigmatic shifts and opportunities for design in the future — or preferably, design today.

How to Become a DEO

By Andreas Bannwart

Have you already taken a risk today? How about a little challenge? Maria Giudice, author of Rise of the DEO, asked this of the audience during her keynote speech at TYPO Berlin 2016: Beyond Design.

Creativity Meets Social Engagement

By Gina Renner

Finding and recruiting the right talent has always been a tough job. Nowadays especially agencies need to find new and unconventional ways to attract the best talent and keep up with auspicious startups and other fast-paced business environments that promise, like agencies, diversified work, innovative approaches, and rapid personal growth.