A Journey of Discovery

By Hozy Rossi

Your dog is your best friend, but how much do you really know about him? MetaDesign recently created the branding for Embark, a startup that uses genetic testing to provide dog owners with insights into their pets. Brady Boyle, lead designer on the project, discusses the evolution of the visual identity with Hozy Rossi.

Creativity Meets Social Engagement

By Gina Renner

Finding and recruiting the right talent has always been a tough job. Nowadays especially agencies need to find new and unconventional ways to attract the best talent and keep up with auspicious startups and other fast-paced business environments that promise, like agencies, diversified work, innovative approaches, and rapid personal growth.



Many of us have had that unsettling moment when, working off the computer, we habitually and almost involuntarily gesture for the keyboard to UNDO something. The profound frequency with which we use the shortcut Command-Z leads our minds to believe we can undo actions in real-time, followed by that sinking feeling that you must physically restore to a previous state, moving things around or erasing things in the hopes you can closely replicate what you had before.

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