America (TM)

By Hozy Rossi

Rupali Steinmeyer recently left Berlin to take the role of managing director of MetaDesign San Francisco. Her arrival comes at an interesting time in U.S. history, to say the least. In this conversation with Hozy Rossi, she looks at the country past and present from her perspective as a branding expert.

Leveraging Data, and Judging Singers

By Cornelius Hummel

As a strategist, I am driven by the urge to understand things. This means not just glancing at an issue superficially but exploring all its facets in depth and examining them from different perspectives. Metaphorically speaking, approaching a new topic is like jumping into water: First you touch the surface, then you dive deeper. While touching the surface, there are various assumptions floating around. These are usually based on existing experience and knowledge — sometimes true, sometimes not. Therefore, testing these assumptions is crucial to gaining a deeper understanding.



The Associated Press reports today that Virgin America was the best-performing airline in its 2012 survey. The survey included both hard factors (did we leave on time, did my luggage show up) as well as soft factors (do you care whether I missed my connection?). All the more of an accolade given that Virgin America was first known for its unexpected glitches in its novel use of technology in the cabin.

And who came in dead last?

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Data Visualization MetaDesign

Good summary this week from Time magazine on why the technology industry leans towards quantifiable data, via Evgeny Morozov’s new book, To Save Everything, Click Here. Quantifiable data can be gathered, stored, analyzed, and presented (and each of those stages can be monetized). That’s why digital, with its now-familiar cadence of clicks and CPCs, is so amenable to metrics, as compared to print and other media, where there are no clear measurements of return other than sales. But the concern is, am I broadcasting my data to the world?

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We’ve launched our new blog right here, at the aptly named In this blog, we’ll be able to provide timely commentary on what’s going on in the world of branding, as well as (hopefully) give people some behind the scenes looks at our creative process and life at our agency.

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