The Samsung Galaxy Crisis

By Alexander Haldemann

Samsung’s brand crisis is worse than I thought it would be. The real severity of the problem dawned on me last weekend as I prepared to fly back to Zurich after a vacation with my family. Having just boarded the plane, I was busy getting settled in my seat when something unusual caught me by surprise.

The Expressiveness of X’s

By Hozy Rossi

The newsstand of the future has a name, and it’s Texture. Backed by some of the world’s largest publishers, Texture offers unlimited digital access to Vogue, Sports Illustrated, The New Yorker, and a hundred-plus other magazines for the price of a pint or two of beer every month. Neha Hattangdi, who helped design the Texture identity for MetaDesign San Francisco, discusses the project with Hozy Rossi.


Data Visualization MetaDesign

Good summary this week from Time magazine on why the technology industry leans towards quantifiable data, via Evgeny Morozov’s new book, To Save Everything, Click Here. Quantifiable data can be gathered, stored, analyzed, and presented (and each of those stages can be monetized). That’s why digital, with its now-familiar cadence of clicks and CPCs, is so amenable to metrics, as compared to print and other media, where there are no clear measurements of return other than sales. But the concern is, am I broadcasting my data to the world?

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108315223The facts and the science are there: clean energy isn’t an option, it’s essential to our future. What’s more, there has been a sea change in the perception of renewables from a niche component of the energy mix to a mainstream solution. This has created big opportunities for companies that make non-carbon energy production and consumption possible, from traditional solar and wind generation to fuel cell storage and clean power conversion.

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You may have noticed some very different new fountain dispensers popping up in restaurants and shopping malls. From Coca-Cola and MetaDesign, the new interface lets you choose from a pretty amazing variety of beverages and flavors and actually are delivered by a completely new dispensing technology.

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