Brand Strategies for a Digital World

By Lisa Krick 

For many years branding and corporate design agencies understood themselves as the “preservers of the brand.” After stripping down the brand’s content and identity to clear visual codes, it was up to the corporate design experts to preserve these codes consistently across all touchpoints and evolve the brand gradually over time. “360-degree marketing” became the mantra of tortured advertisers for decades. One relict of this era: the typical PowerPoint chart illustrating a brand that looks the same across all media touch points.


MetaDesign Books and Designers

MetaDesign CEO Alexander Haldemann’s book list was recently featured on the Designers & Books website, which publishes books the international design community identify as important, meaningful, and formative.  Which got us thinking…which books have made a profound impact on the way our own team looks at design? Below is a list of books our team finds inspiring, engaging and fun.

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