Identity – At the Heart of Management

By Dr. Alexander Haldemann

Successful brands convince us by taking a strong stand. To do this, they need a clear identity.

Change – even profound change – has always been with us. In the past, however, change was more predictable and thus it could also be managed better. You had the annual plan, the strategic three-year and five-year plans. Companies were able to continuously plan their product development and the resources that would be required. They knew their competitors. They were in a predictable environment with more or less high barriers to entry.



San Francisco has a lot of history for a US city and each neighborhood has its own share of stories, legends and half-truths. I took the historical walking tour of my neighborhood, Dogpatch, this past weekend with about a dozen other people. I went to learn more history about the neighborhood I’ve lived in and around for almost 20 years, while everyone else (from SF and the peninsula) came to see what all the hype was about. This is a small former industrial area that wasn’t written about in many history books and unknown to many in SF until recently. Our old formerly isolated Victorians and warehouses have gained new transportation options, restaurants and bars, sky-high real estate values, and the tag of hot, “new” neighborhood.

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